Audit Services

ISO Certification Audit Services & CMMI Appraisal Audits

The ITG Consulting Services is an established and experience auditing group. To date our team has conducted over 500 internal audits for organizations that are outsourcing their audit program or augmenting their existing audits capabilities using our ISO Certified Auditors.

Additionally, the ITG Consulting Services’ Team is comprised of certified and experienced ISO Quality Auditors who are proficient in the ISO standards, the CMMI model, and Audit Services including:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 20000-1: 2018
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • CMMI for Development
  • CMMI for Services
  • NIST 800-171

Our ISO Quality Auditors are qualified practitioners and managers, with expertise in process improvement and experience in assessing organizations against external (standard/model) requirements and internal organizational processes.

Audit Services Methodology for Certification

Our methodology is founded on guidance from ISO 19011:2018, Guidelines for Auditing Management System, to ensure application of an industry recognized approach to conducting audits. Our team works with our customers to identify areas that need improvement or corrective action with emphasis on activities and related challenges. Our expertise covers multiple sectors and functions, including:

  • IT services,
  • Software development,
  • Supplier management,
  • Security,
  • Contract management,
  • Project management,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Human resources, staff augmentation, and talent management.

ITG’s ISO Certified Auditor support includes the development of an internal audit planning based on complexity and customer or regulatory requirements. Each plan progresses into a comprehensive audit schedule, which is based on lifecycle, resources, and internal or external requirements.

The Consulting Services team works with each customer to develop audit report requirements that ensures focus on evaluating critical business practices, identification of strengths and process improvements, the capture of non-conformances, as well as the follow-on of corrective action activity. In addition, our ISO Quality Auditors focus on monitoring and measuring processes to help identify potential efficiencies, and evaluation of overall performance. Accordingly, all non-conformances are reevaluated to ensure that corrective action plans adequately address the identified issue and to assess the need for additional corrective action.

Benefits of outsourcing internal audits to ITG’s Consulting Services include:

  • Cost Reduction: The available resource pool for individuals experienced in multiple standards is small, which requires either hiring junior staff and training them or hiring expensive, experienced staff. ITG provides highly qualified, certified Lead Auditors, at reasonable rates. Our approach has reduced customer audit costs between 30% – 60% based on their size and need.
  • Focus: ITG emphasizes what is important to our client’s top management, rather than auditor opinion. Our staff pays attention to the performance, maintenance, and improvement of processes, aligned to business goals. Outsourcing eliminates audits influenced by auditor preferences due to internal politics.
  • Industry Knowledge: Customers have access to ITG staff with a combination of
    • 30+ years project management experience,
    • 20+ years industry experience,
    • as well as over 15 years of audit experience.
  • Practical Experience: ITG auditors are practitioners and have extensive experience across all standards – ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, the CMMI frameworks, the NIST 800-171 and other industry standards, while helps reduce risk of non-conformance and streamline the audit process.
  • Contingency Planning: The audit program does not rely on one individual and ITG applies a team approach. Each program is managed by a lead auditor and augmented by additional lead auditors, consequently, allowing for consistency.  This also provides flexibility to meet short notice time constraints. Furthermore, our clients have access to mentors for continued skill development and may obtain valuable insight from multiple perspectives.
  • Audit Expertise:
    • Additional value of using a firm with significant ISO and CMMI experience.
    • Understanding of registrar and accreditation requirements.
    • Keeping customers well informed on standard or model changes as well as guidance on emerging standards, allowing customers to proactively plan for changes.