Best Practices Training

Best Practices Training and Development

ITG provides multiple “best practices training” options based on your needs, either as a standalone option, as a key part of our consulting, or through courses delivered from our partners. Standard training support for our clients includes preparation obligations that support CMMI Training and ISO Training requirements. A few of the training courses available include:

  • Executive Overviews
    • provides a high-level summary of the subject matter, and determines if the organization is ready for an implementation or to train the management team during project rollout
  • Documentation Management
    • provides details on how to manage documents and records as the starting point for managing knowledge important to the organization
  • Internal Audit
    • provides an overview of internal audit practices and requirements for auditors, generally accompanied with mentored audits to ensure auditors receive practical experience and guidance
  • Corrective Actions
    • provides an overview of when correction versus corrective action is needed and how to conduct causal analysis to determine the root cause of an issue
  • Information Security Awareness
    • a custom overview to provide training on general information security awareness
  • Risk Management
    • guidelines on how to conduct risk assessments and methods for identifying, monitoring, as well as treating risks
  • Nano Learning

ITG provides custom training, including ISO Training, CMMI training and NIST training, for your team through onsite private sessions. Additionally, we have public course options through our partners. We always recommend what will work best for your team (through our subject matter experts or our partners).