CMMI-SVC: CMMI for Services

Virtually any service organization can benefit from the CMMI for Services framework, as the model contains activities needed to establish, deliver, and manage services. Services may be those provided from an IT help desk, financial firms, health care, human resources, logistics, etc. The type of organization is extensive as approximately 80% of the world economy encompasses services. Additionally, a large percentage of government acquisitions involve purchasing some type of service.

A service provider would benefit from employing CMMI-SVC when the guidance is needed to

  • Define customer requirements,
  • Deliver services to meet agreements,
  • Manage the organization’s ability to continually provide services and retain revenue,
  • Establish service level and proactively address issues before they become a problem and result in a loss of business.

Outside of operational support, this framework supports the need to address long term strategies for the organization and its customers.

CMMI for Services Process Areas

CMMI for Services constellation consists of concepts from the core CMMI practices, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), ISO 20000, and various other technical standards.

Additionally, CMMI for Services includes process areas that encompass four categories: Service Establishment and Delivery (this category is unique to CMMI for Services), Process Management, Project and Work Management, and Support. These areas contain the specific practices expected to contribute to institutionalization.

CMMI for Services Maturity Level 3 contains 18 Process Areas

CMMI-SVC – Maturity Level 2 Process Areas

Process Area Goals
1 Measurement and Analysis
  • Align Measurement and Analysis Activities
  • Provide Measurement Results
2 Process and Product Quality Assurance
  • Objectively Evaluate Processes and Work Products
  • Provide Objective Insight
3 Requirements Management
  • Manage Requirements
4 Service Delivery
  • Establish Supplier Agreements
  • Prepare for Service Delivery
  • Deliver Services
5 Supplier Agreement Management
  • Establish Supplier Agreements
  • Satisfy Supplier Agreements
6 Work Monitoring and Control
  • Monitor the Work Against the Plan
  • Manage Corrective Action to Closure
7 Work Planning
  • Establish Estimates
  • Develop a Work Plan
  • Obtain Commitment to tie Plan


CMMI-SVC – Maturity Level 3 Additional Process Areas

Process Area Goals
1 Capacity and Availability Management
  • Prepare for Capacity and Availability Management
  • Monitor and Analyse Capacity and Availability
2 Decision Analysis and Resolution
  • Evaluate Alternatives
3 Incident Resolution and Prevention
  • Prepare for Incident Resolution and Prevention
  • Identify, Control, and Address Individual Incidents
  • Analyse, Address Causes & Impacts of Selected Incidents
4 Integrated Work Management
  • Use the Defined Process for the Work
  • Coordinate and Collaborate with Relevant Stakeholders
5 Organizational Process Definition
  • Establish Organizational Process Assets
6 Organizational Process Fouls
  • Determine Process Improvement Opportunities
  • Plan and Implement Process Action
  • Deploy Organizational Process Assets and Incorporate Experiences
7 Organizational Training
  • Establish an Organizational Training Capability
  • Provide Training
8 Risk Management
  • Prepare for Risk Management
  • Identify and Analyse Risks
  • Mitigate Risks
9 Service Continuity
  • Identify Essential Service Dependencies
  • Prepare for Service Continuity
  • Verily and Validate the Service Continuity Plan
10 Service System Development (optional)
  • Develop and Analyse Stakeholder Requirements
  • Develop Service Systems
  • Verify and Validate Service Systems
11 Service System Transition
  • Prepare for Service System Transition
  • Deploy the Service System
12 Strategic Service Management
  • Establish Strategic Needs and Plans for Standard Services
  • Establish Standard Services

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