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CMMI Consulting Services – CMMI Levels and CMMI Appraisal

New technology, emerging economies, and increased competition require that companies remain innovative, efficient, and lean. In order to drive effectiveness and maintain focus on delivering customer’s expectations, organizations look for proven methods for managing process, product, and performance.

ITG’s certified CMMI for Development Consultants and CMMI for Services Consultants can support your organization in every step of the process.

Improve Performance with a CMMI Appraisal

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework is a common methodology for introducing process control and improvement in any organozation.

CMMI is a process approach that provides organizations with the appropriate processes to improve their performance. CMMI was developed by a group of experts from industry, government, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, and is administered by the CMMI Institute. CMMI has application to a wide variety of organizations, from small to large, across multiple sectors. There are three CMMI constellations in which to fit any type of organization:

  • CMMI-DEV | CMMI for Development provides a detailed, integrated framework for organizations that develop products and services.
  • CMMI-SVC | CMMI for Service  provides a comprehensive set of processes for organizations that provides services.
  • CMMI-ACQ | CMMI for Acquisition provides best practices for organizations that acquire products or services.

CMMI ratings are established within each constellation via Maturity Levels and through conducting a CMMI Appraisal. An organization might only obtain a Maturity Rating of 2 through 5, inline with Maturity Level definitions 2 through 5.

The Maturity Levels of CMMI

1. InitialProcesses are unpredictable, poorly controlled, and reactive (not supported by the MMI Framework).
2. ManagedProcesses characterized for projects – still somewhat reactive.
3. DefinedProcesses characterized for the organization – more proactive than reactive.
4. Quantitatively ManagedProcesses measured and controlled
5. OptimizingFocus on Process Improvement

Dependent on the constellation chosen and the planned Maturity Level to be demonstrated (Level 2 through 5), process area requirements that are defined by the relative CMMI Constellation Model are prepared and demonstrated by an organization.

Typical requirements range from project and work management to development and service management practices. These defined process area requirements are well-known operational best practices, with a focus on standardized and managed verification that demonstrate an organization’s capability to provide repeatable practices in the delivery of products and services to their customers.

Most organizations enter into the preparation and implementation of CMMI process requirements to support several strategic objectives:

  • Quality related management practice and improvement
  • Implementation of performance and value for stakeholders
  • Confidence in product and service delivery
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Certified and recognized excellence within business sectors

Why get a CMMI?

A report prepared by the University of Missouri (St. Louis IS6840 – Fall 2008) outlines the improvement in performance for companies that implement and utilized CMMI best practices. Companies realized a median improvement in the following performance categories:

  • Cost – 34%
  • Schedule – 50%
  • Productivity – 61%
  • Quality – 48%
  • Customer Satisfaction – 14%
  • Return on Investment – 4:1

How can ITG Consulting Services Help

ITG’s CMMI Consulting Services’ team members are seasoned CMMI Consultants. Our team works with all levels of public and private organizations, both large and small in their CMMI Development and Services initiatives. Our trained CMMI Consultants will work with your organization in:

  • Leading strategic planning and scope exercises,
  • Development and implementation of all process requirements,
  • Training – process implementation, CMMI Model, and Appraisal training, and
  • Preparation and support for a CMMI appraisal–referred to as SCAMPI (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement).

Looking for a CMMI Consultant?

Our CMMI Consultants maintain strong relationships with highly regarded Lead Appraisers, Certified CMMI Trainers, and ITG is a valued partner of the CMMI Institute.
Our relationships and CMMI consulting services will help facilitate your CMMI initiatives and resource requirements, mitigate risks on your efforts, and improve your return on investment.