CMMI for Development (CMMI DEV)

CMMI for Development is a framework for any organization that builds products and/or services. Organizations that are involved with developing may include hardware and software companies, aerospace or automobile manufacturers, defence, telecommunications, etc.

CMMI-DEV applies to all organizations that must consider design and engineering during the development of a product or service.

An organization would benefit from employing CMMI-DEV when the guidance is needed to become more efficient due to customer demand to provide better products more rapidly and less expensively. The speed of technology and constant updates and introductions of new products has created a knowledgeable consumer who expects more with less.

However, this demand coupled with more complex products and services places a burden on organizations that must be able to manage this process which often involves integrating and acquiring products from a large network of providers.

CMMI for Development Process Areas

CMMI for Development includes process areas that encompass four categories: Engineering (this category is specific to CMMI for Development), Process Management, Project Management, and Support. These areas contain the specific practices expected to contribute to institutionalization. CMMI for Development Maturity Level 3 contains 18 Process Areas:

CMMI Development v3.0

CMMI Development V3.0 focuses on performance improvement requirements and key capabilities for companies that develop products, components, and services. Business problems like late delivery, poor quality, stretched resources, constant firefighting, inexperienced personnel and missed deadlines are common when building complex products and services. Managing and controlling the product development lifecycle has become more difficult in recent years.

Focusing on best practices, CMMI Development V3.0 improves an organization’s capability to develop quality products and services that meet the needs of customers and end users, improves time to market, improves product quality (and reduces defects), lowers costs, improves planning and budgeting.

CMMI-DEV – Maturity Level 2 Process Areas

Process AreaGoals
1. Configuration ManagementEstablish Baselines
Track and Control Changes
Establish Integrity
2. Measurement & AnalysisAlign Measurement and Analysis Activities
Provide Measurement Results
3. Process and Product Quality AssuranceObjectively Evaluate Processes and Work Products
Provide Objective Insight
4. Project PlanningEstablish Estimates
Develop a Project Plan
Obtain Commitment to the Plan
5. Project Monitoring and ControlMonitor the Project Against the Plan
Manage Corrective Action to Closure
6. Requirements ManagementManage Requirements
7. Supplier Agreement ManagementEstablish Supplier Agreements
Satisfy Supplier Agreements

CMMI-DEV – Maturity Level 3 Additional Process Areas

Process AreaGoals
1. Decision Analysis and Resolution Evaluate Alternatives
2. Integrated Project ManagementUse the Project’s Defined Process
Coordinate and Collaborate with Relevant Stakeholders
3. Organizational Process Definition Establish Organizational Process Assets
4. Organizational Process FocusDetermine Process Improvement Opportunities Plan and Implement Process Actions
Deploy Organizational Process Assets and Incorporate Experiences
5. Organizational TrainingEstablish Organizational Training Capability
Provide Training
6. Product IntegrationPrepare for Product Integration
Ensure Interface Compatibility
Assemble Product Components and Deliver the Product
7. Requirements DevelopmentDevelop Customer Requirements
Develop Product Requirements
Analyse and Validate Requirements
8. Risk ManagementPrepare for Risk Management
Identify and Analyse Risks
Mitigate Risks
9. Technical SolutionSelect Product Component Solutions
Develop the Design
Implement the Product Design
10. ValidationPrepare for Validation
Validate Product or Product Components
11. VerificationPrepare for Verification
Perform Peer Reviews
Verify Selected Work Products

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