Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is the first step in Process Improvement

ITG Consulting Services begins every initiative with a gap analysis (gap audit) of a company’s practices to establish an understanding of the current practices of an organization. Whether based in quality standards such as ISO (ISO Pre Assessment), CMMI (CMMI Assessment), or an initiative supporting process improvement and business reengineering, ITG’s approach is reliant on a clear vision of the current state of your organization.

Our approach is founded on assessment practices and principles that engage through interviews, process review, workflow analysis, and examination of infrastructure and architectural requirements. The importance of our strategic approach is to identify the capabilities and best practices of an organization with focus on strengths, and the identification of additional development needs that support an organization’s continued growth.

Gap Analysis steps

Our ISO Pre Assessments and CMMI Assessments include:

  1. Pre-planning and assessment scope development with key stakeholders to ensure all parties understand the initiative and focus,
  2. Development of schedule and assessment activity,
  3. Assessment with participation of Consulting Services consultants, and
  4. Development and presentation of Assessment results; including findings, assessment rating against Standards/requirements, and recommendations and next steps.

Need more information about gap analysis?

Our qualified team members have many years of experience in strategic management, business operations, quality management practices, and ISO Pre Assessment and CMMI Assessment activity. Finally, our knowledge and expertise brings a valued and independent verification capability, through gap audits, to every organization’s efforts in process and operational improvement initiatives. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you the moment we receive your information.