Business Process Reengineering

ITG is an established business process reengineering provider, with over 20 years of experience in helping companies achieve improvement in strategic capabilities and overall cost savings.

ITG’s approach centers on the fundamental principles of understanding the organization’s framework, business objectives, and functional capabilities through assessment. We are qualified and trained Lean Six Sigma Consultants that utilize quality strategies to drive and improve business practices.

Driven analysis, the guiding principles of DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) and Lean strategies are the basis for the optimization of an organization’s process and procedural capabilities. ITG’s primary goal is to support improvement of 6 core areas:

  • Organizational commitment,
  • Business strategy and needs,
  • Functional and operational workflow,
  • Resource utilization and efficiency,
  • Effective change management, and
  • Continuous improvement

Business Process Reengineering Steps

Our Lean Six Sigma Consultants’ approach centers on an independent and un-biased analysis of an organization, to identify the operational production (takt time) and workflow with attention to efficiencies, gaps, and redundancy. In addition, our talented team utilizes industry experience and best practices gathered from Agile practices and CMMI improvement initiatives to develop a complete approach to our client’s process improvement solutions.

ITG’s team is comprised of experienced operational managers and quality practitioners that recognize real-world business requirements and operational demands. We provide and support the implementation of effective process improvement, and not just methodology and theory with no practical basis.

Our diverse capabilities in Lean Six Sigma consultancy, Agile, and CMMI, are an additional advantage that boosts our success in effective and efficient change.

An understanding of current state and the organization’s strategic position in the market is crucial in supporting the development or change of fundamental practices that facilitate growth.

Our experience with both large and small companies provides a unique understanding of companies that are in transition or need assistance in quantifying current capabilities. ITG’s industry knowledge and practical experience ensures that our clients are supported by a complete approach, focusing on the business objectives of the organization and the inter-relation of processes, personnel, and capabilities.