CMMI Suppliers V3.0

What is CMMI Suppliers V3.0

Supplier management activities are a crucial aspect of any successful acquisition process, encompassing various stages that ensure a smooth and productive relationship between the acquirer and suppliers. The first step involves carefully selecting qualified suppliers based on their expertise and capabilities. Once selected, the parties establish a comprehensive supplier agreement that acts as the foundation for their collaboration. This agreement defines roles, responsibilities, and processes, empowering the acquirer to oversee the supplier’s activities, monitor evolving deliverables, and ensure compliance with the agreed-upon requirements.

To effectively manage supplier performance, the acquirer diligently monitors both technical activities and overall processes. Regular technical reviews of the supplier’s deliverables are performed to assess progress and adherence to contractual obligations. These reviews involve in-depth analysis and coordination with various processes such as requirements management, risk and opportunity management, configuration management, and data management.

In cases where the acquirer assumes the role of an overall architect or integrator for the supplier deliverable, additional vigilance is required. The acquirer must carefully evaluate any changes to requirements and supplier agreements, ensuring they align with the constraints of the acquisition.

Should the supplier’s performance or deliverables fall short of established criteria, the acquirer takes corrective action promptly. However, it’s crucial for the acquirer to be mindful of the legal implications of their actions during this process.

By diligently implementing these activities, the acquirer and supplier foster a productive and mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the chances of a successful acquisition while effectively managing technical risks along the way.

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